Wednesday, January 6, 2010

UM I haven't updated in forever

Sorry guys, I have updated in FOREVER. I could never get blogger to upload anything so I didn't really bother, and honestly I forgot for a while. But I did another poster for Rivet for Cookies & Beer again so check it out.

I also made a little logo for myself in my Electronic Illustration class.

I PROMISE I'll start updating more guys. Probably.
PS: Happy new year!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tongues & updates

just did the front cover/back cover art for Ohio hardcore band Tongues new EP "To Challenge The Sun" and a logo. Shirt design coming soon! Check em out!

I also am helping out Microblade with some myspace layout stuff over at and am working on some more stuff for them too!

PS: I got some of my textures and stuff from my friend over at check him out too! He's got a bunch of awesome stuff up for download.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Microblade Shirt Design

This is a shirt design I did for Microblade, which I did a logo for on an earlier post.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Isis Poster Idea & Old Sharpie Ad

Isis is about to release their new album 'Wavering Radiant' in May so they are planning on doing some touring and on June 9th, they are coming to the Grog Shop in Cleveland, Ohio. I haven't posted any of my concert posters on here yet, but concert posters are my favorite thing to do. So I occasionally make some and put them up at the Grog Shop or wherever the venue is.
I just started this poster the other day, I wanted to have an optical illusion having to do with the crosses where the image is much clearer farther away. The image is supposed to be a skull made up of different tints of grey. I hope it works, I am thinking about adding more crosses so I can make them smaller which would give me the opportunity to add more depth to the image. I'll keep working on it, but this is the poster so far.

And also, for my team ad class we had to do an ad campaign for Sharpie. I focused on 'youth' as the target audience so I put together a fun image of someone drawn all over with Sharpies in different colors, playing off the idea of fake tattoos.

WESC Ad Series

For my series for my ad class I chose, WESC headphones.
WESC's headphones are one of their most popular products and the regular street versions of the product usually come in solid colors so I thought I would base my series off of that.
I wish I would have spent more time on it though, I originally was going with another idea and then I changed my mind almost last minute and went with something I was more comfortable with and could process more ideas for, but for what I did, I am fairly happy with it.
I feel like I have to experiment more with Illustrator though, I've been playing it safe. 

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Microblade logo?

My friends needed a logo for their new band (which I think still sounds like a Kingdom Hearts weapon or something) but I made it, here it is though. The 'e' and the 'o' are bothering me though. I'll do something about it. No one reads this but if YOU the odd person to do so have any thoughts on it, let me know? Thanks. 

Theres more coming dont worry. I can never get blogspot to upload images... URGH.


[EDIT] Here is fixed up version, I think I fixed the problem I was having.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Here is a flyer I did for the designer toy shop/gallery Rivet on High St in Columbus. It's for the event coming up next weekend called Cookies & Beer. Make sure you check it out!

BTW: I'm thrilled that blogspot finally let me upload an image, haha.